About Us



Art Therapy Express Program, Inc. enhances the learning capabilities and social skills of participants by providing both therapy and education. Our visual and expressive art programs are designed exclusively for children and adults with multiple and severe disabilities: physical, intellectual, emotional, visual and hearing impairments, learning disabilities, communication disorders, autism, aspburger’s syndrome, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder and terminal illnesses. By providing an original and innovative way of incorporating visual arts, creative movement, drama and music, we assure a sense of equality among all persons with differing abilities.

Art Therapy Express Program is dedicated to introducing adaptive technology and providing programs that support all individuals to communicate through the arts increasing self-esteem, communication, a sense of self and empowerment for each participant.

Each Art Therapy Express Program session is designed exclusively to support individual student needs and utilizes or creates adaptive technology that promotes student independence and participation.

We remain dedicated to building a bridge between each student’s capabilities and his/her imagination and to provide a place where even the non-verbal individual can speak through the arts.

Our inclusive art education programs provide creative and social opportunities for individuals with and without disabilities to create awareness, understanding and respect. Our visual and expressive art programs:

*  Incorporate inclusive teaching practices

*  Develop social, intellectual, communication and artistic skills

*  Build staff, teacher and artist knowledge and comfort utilizing 2 and 3 dimensional visual arts

*  Involve people with disabilities in planning and implementation of our programs